Optimise the quality of your grain with Croptimiser and you could increase the value of your harvest this season

With Croptimiser, you could benefit from the overall quality equity of your delivered loads to access a higher grade than what is ticketed for eligible loads.

How it works

You need to meet three key criteria.

    1. Build quality equity in your delivered loads: 
      Deliver a spread of grades to the same site that build quality above the minimum specification for the assigned grade. Equity must be in warehoused at the same GrainCorp site, under the same NGR number.
    2. The load must be eligible: 
      The load must be within 0.3% protein, 2kg/HL test weight (Excludes Malt Barley), 2% Retention and 1% screenings of the adjacent higher grade as well as meeting variety, defect, contaminant and falling number parameters of the higher grade. It can’t be previously Croptimised.
    3. The Site Grade Quality must allow for the eligible load to be upgraded: 
      The Site Grade Quality is the average quality of all loads of the adjacent higher grade delivered to the same site across all storages.  There must be enough quality above the minimum specification of the adjacent higher grade to prevent the eligible load from reducing the Site Grade Quality below the required specifications.
    4. Eligible commodities are Wheat/Durum/Barley across the following grades:
      H2, APW1, ASW1, AUH2, AGP1, FED1, DR2, DR3, Malt 2&3, Bar1 & Bar2
      (Unable to Croptimise Canola or any grades outside of the ones listed above)

Croptimiser is available through the GrainCorp app or Please make sure your notification settings are turned on to receive updates on which loads may be eligible.