What we do

Our journey began in 1916 with the construction of a single grain storage silo in Central New South Wales, Australia.

In 1992, a group of local grain growers banded together to take over the company and look for a better deal for their crops, while keeping control of how their grain was handled.

These two driving factors formed GrainCorp and still define our business today.

In Australia, we trade in wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, pulses and other specialty commodities. Our products travel to more than 50 countries and 350 global markets for a diverse range of customers. From biscuit makers in Myanmar, to Shōchū distillers in Japan, to noodle-makers in Indonesia and to maltsters worldwide looking for the perfect brew – we make it happen.


For growers of grains, pulses and oilseeds in Australia, we have created the largest online cash marketplace for growers and buyers to conduct business: CropConnect. We ensure farmers access better value from their delivered grain through the Croptimiser system, which grants access to higher grades for qualifying loads. We also help to weigh, test and store grain faster on site with FastWeigh, our digital grain receival and sampling system. Our insights into changing consumer and market trends help growers choose the commodities they wish to grow, as well as gain a better understanding of the quality they need to achieve the best price points.


For buyers, we provide high-quality commodities that meet our strict quality assurance standards, giving them absolute clarity on the quality and grade they are purchasing. This level of quality control helps create demand and a premium price for our commodities.


For freight and supply chain operators, we manage the logistics of grain storage and handling throughout the network, across bulk storage, rail networks, road freight and at ports. Pre-arranged time-slotting and a range of quality control protocols at ports is just one of the ways we ensure faster turnarounds throughout the delivery process, helping keep our supply chain at peak efficiency.

Our teams have extensive export and shipping expertise. Every year we charter more than 75 deep-sea vessels and can export over eight million tonnes of grain, pulses and oilseeds around the world. Our connected system of roads, high-speed rail and ports services is unmatched on the eastern coast of Australia.