Croptimise on CropConnect

Boosting the value of your eligible grain has never been easier. GrainCorp’s innovative Croptimiser system is now available on CropConnect.

This means you may be able to upgrade eligible receival tickets via CropConnect or the GrainCorp mobile app.

Should your delivered load be eligible for upgrade, a notification will appear from the GrainCorp app.

You can then choose to submit your receival to the Croptimiser queue.

Site Segregations

For all current site segregations, please visit CropConnect.

Delivery Advice

COVID-safe procedures at all GrainCorp ports and receival sites mean growers or their drivers can no longer be present in our sample stand to enter delivery details.

Instead, growers are required to fill in a Delivery Advice Form to record details relating to the grower, crop, herbicide and pesticide use and truck particulars.

Please download the Delivery Advice Form, fill it in, print it out and bring it to the site when delivering your grain or oilseed.

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