GrainCorp’s strict adherence to quality and classification for varieties of grain helps to ensure high demand and a premium price point for Australian grain.

You can be confident in the results from a GrainCorp sample stand. We comply with national testing standards set by Grain Trade Australia. All samplers or grain assessors must attend training and pass assessments before they can sample loads. Samples are collected daily at site stands and tested at local Quality Assurance laboratories for comparison. Only certified testing equipment is used and is calibrated and checked regularly.   

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment provide an extensive online resource for the import and export of plants and related quarantine information.

Other documents for grain standards and certification 

  • GrainCorp Variety Codes  
  • Grain Insects Booklet  
  • Weed Seeds Booklet  
  • Visual Recognition Standards Guide  
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate  
  • NATA Certificate  
  • GAFTA Certificates  
  • ISTA Certificates  
  • Halal Certificate 

You can request grain samples using the form below.   

Email to once complete.